Lauren Kelly (~thejsa)

code, art, reverse engineering


projects and related tidbits

In my spare time I enjoy programming (generally server-side web development) and reverse-engineering discontinued (or soon-to-be) games console online services.

Projects I've worked on:

  • Kaeru Gallery (formerly Project Kaeru)
  • Kaeru Gallery is a custom server for Nintendo's Flipnote Studio 3D, an animation sharing application for the Nintendo 3DS, bringing the functionality of the formerly Japan-exclusive Flipnote Gallery to the world. Founded in October 2016, Kaeru has since grown into a vibrant community of animators hailing from across the world.

In addition to these projects I have published some other things I have worked on to GitHub, which can be seen here.


through the lens of a budget smartphone

When I'm out and about I tend to take quite a few photos. The best can be seen on my Flickr and Instagram pages.


email & social media

I can be reached through email (place after the at sign, and muffintime before) and Instagram DM (thejsa_public).